Storage Spoofing Black List

Storage Spoofing Blacklist

- 4 June 2018

In the FERM series on Storage Spoofing, we shed light on this form of cybercrime to raise awareness in the port area. You can find the first articles of our campaign online here, in both Dutch and English. For quick access to the introductory article, click here for Dutch and click here for English.

Our key objective is pro-active prevention. That is why, as a complement to our articles, we have set up a dedicated section of our website for a blacklist: a list of websites that are implicated in storage spoofing.

These websites are highly unreliable and often based on existing companies in the port area. In some cases (part of) company or brand names of legitimate entities have been falsely appropriated. It is not our intent to harm legitimate enterprises whose brand name has been adopted, but it is necessary to publish both the name and the URL of fake websites to best enable effective prevention. For instance, Petrobras BV, a legitimate company, is featured in the list below because is not an official Petrobras website. Moreover, tank storage is not a part of Petrobras' business and the official website is

The sole purpose of these blacklisted websites is to facilitate attempts to defraud and swindle companies and entrepreneurs by offering non-existent products and services. Please be aware that any website featured here might already have been removed and taken offline, but is still listed as we have chosen to keep a record for future reference. 



A15 Logistics BV,

AFS Nederland,

Akhtubinskaya Neftebaza,

Alliance Marine,

Alpha Terminals,

AO Deltakom,

Apex Global Logistics,


AstraFlot shipping company,

AUE Beheer,

AV Maritime Logistics BV,

Baltic Oil Terminal, 

Baltic Port Tank Farms,

Baltiysk Terminal BV,

Banyan Caverns,

Black Si Shipping Service LLC,

Beacon Terminals BV,

Benetanker Chartering BV,

Binschel BV,

Bominflot BV Tank Storage,

Borax Rotterdam Storage NV,

Bridge Terminal,


By Transport & Logistiek BV,

Cargo LLC,

Chemtrade Aglobis BV,

Chemtrade Storage Nederland BV,

Coral Star Shipping,

Corevillo Limited,


Dagaz Shipping and Logistics,

Dan-Balt Tank Terminal,

Delta Oil Tanking BV,

DiVito Marine Consulting BV,

EMEC storage,

ETT Pipeline Operations BV,

Euro-Asian Oil,

Euro Tankfarm,

Euro Tank Terminal, (copy of

Euro Terminals LLC,

European Tank Logistics,

Exfor Logistics BV, 

Exploitatie BV,

Extar BV,

Fabinacci Group PC Port Terminal Agency,

Favorit LLC,

FM-Bunker OOO,

Fuel Logistics and Finance BV,

Gazkom LLC,

Garant Tank Boerderij(!),

Gevelco Terminals BV,

Hartel Oil Terminal BV,

Hoyer Nederland BV, 

ITank BV, (abuse of company name iTanks)

JSC Globoil Terminal,

JSC Veds,

Junto Terminal & Logistics BV,

Lapshinskaya Neftebaza,

Livreur BV,

LLC Bratsk-Terminal,

LLC Region Gas Servis,

LLC Tetras,

Logistics Shipping Service LLC,

Logistik Trans,

Logistik Trans Service,

Logivisi BV,

LTL Logistics BV,

Lyondell Europoort Terminal,

Maartense Logistic BV,

Maasvlakte Terminal,

Maasvlakte Olie, en

Maatschap Europoort Terminal,

Mafina BV,

Marine Bidco,

Marin Trans Logistiks,

Master Shipping,

Max Logistics BV, 

Meagle Terminals,

MG Logistics,

Morservice Group ltd,

Multicore BV,

Neftebaza No 7,

Nekst TankFarm,

Niehuis & van den berg BV,

Nitek SAP Shipping,

Nordwegs Tanks Farm & Shipping Company,

Norilsk Nickel Logistics BV,

Novator LLC,

Noveks Marine,

Oakley EDC,

Olieproducten Julianasluis BV,

Omsk Tank Farms,

Omsk Terminal & Logistics,

OOO Akhtubinskaya-Neftebaza,

OOO Tank Terminal Logistiks,

OOO Vargashinskaya Tank Terminal,

Orca Logistics,  

Origbo UK Tank Farm,

Origin Business Engineering BV,

Ozburn-Hessey Tank Terminal,

Panaford Hope Trading BV,

Petrobras BV,

Petro Inspections Group,

Petrotan Oil,

Phoenix Tankfarm,

Port Terminal Agency

Premium Logistics,

Premium Storage Solutions,

Premium Terminal,

Poltava Neftebaza,

Primorsk Tank Terminal Logistic,

Prom Transit,

ProTrans BV,

Region Express Tanks Farms,

Renyap Multiservice,

Resurs Tanker LLC,

Romij Tankstorage,


Rotterdam Farm Tanks,

Rotterdam Oil,

Rotterdam Port Terminal Agency,

RTM Logistics, 


Sakhalin Oil Shipping,

Samara Terminal,

Samara Transneft Storage,

Samtrans Tank BV, 

Sargeant Logistic Terminal BV,

SBD Logistiek BV,

Sicura Logistic,

Sitrans Holland BV,

SK Refrybflot,

SK Tank Terminal,

Sol Trans BV,

Standik Tank Farm LLC,

Stargate Oil Terminal B.V., (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website

Suda Logistics,

Tambov Terminal Storage & Logistics,

Tank Depot Europoort BV, 

Tank Management BV,

Tankfarm No.7 BV,


Temkinskaya Tank Farm,

Tolbino Terminal LLC,

Toros Tank Services,


Transport Forces BV,

TSE Tank Service Europoort BV,

Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms,

United Bunkering and Transportation Company,

Verkade Shipping BV,

Vesta Terminal,

VIP Terminals,

Volga-Logistik LLC,

Volga Service LLC,

Vopak Chemicals, (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Europoort Terminal Rotterdam BV, (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal,  (abuse of company name: Vopak)

Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, (abuse of company name: Vopak)


Vostokflot Service,

VTTI Group,


YT Logistic Service BV,



We strive to continuously update our blacklist of websites involved in storage spoofing. When new additions are spotted by our team or reported to either FERM or the Port of Rotterdam Authority, we thoroughly check its contents, background details and the companies they supposedly represent to make sure it is indeed a fake website suspected of taking part in attempted spoofing scams before adding it to our list.

Be advised: the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s Facts & Figures brochure includes a listing of all companies and terminals set up in the port, which can helps you to check whether a website is legitimate.


If you have tips and insights or have spotted a fake website, please contact us at